An All-Inclusive Guide to Activate Netgear Armor Subscription

netgear armor subscription

If you are wondering how to activate the Netgear Armor subscription once your free trial ends, then luckily you have landed on the right post. Walk through the step-by-step guidelines mentioned below and learn how to activate Netgear Armor subscription in a matter of minutes.

How to Activate Netgear Armor Subscription?

  • Unlock your mobile device.
  • Head over to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Note: If you are using an Android, go to the Google Play Store. And, in case you are the owner of an iOS device, heading to the Apple App Store will be the right choice.

  • Enter ‘Netgear Orbi app’ in the search bar.
  • Tap the Search icon.
  • A list displaying some results will come into view.
  • Select the Netgear Orbi app and tap the Download button.
  • Wait for a few seconds and let the application get installed.
  • Once the installation process comes to a halt, launch the app on your device.
  • When prompted, enter your Orbi router’s username and password.
  • Tap the Sign In button.
  • A dashboard will appear.
  • Tap the Security option.
  • Thereafter, enter your Netgear account credentials.
  • Tap the Log In button.
  • The Armor page will welcome you.
  • Select My Subscriptions.
  • Tap the Activation Code.
  • Enter your activation code.
  • Tap the Activation Code again
  • In a few seconds, the Netgear Armor subscription will get activated.

And you are done! With that, you will successfully be able to activate the Netgear Armor subscription. On the off chance you are not able to climb the ladder of success while executing the process, take the help of the troubleshooting hacks mentioned below.

Can’t Activate Netgear Armor Subscription?

a) Reboot Your Mobile Device

Technical glitches are one of the major reasons why you are unable to activate the Netgear Armor subscription. To get rid of these glitches, you need to reboot your mobile device. Here is how you can go about the process in a hassle-free manner:

  • Turn off your mobile device.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds.
  • Thereafter, turn on your mobile device.

Now, try to activate the Netgear Armor subscription. Are you able to? If not, follow the next troubleshooting hack.

b) Do Not Perform Background Activities

If the Netgear Orbi app won’t properly get installed, there is no way you’ll be able to activate your Netgear Armor subscription.

Therefore, while the application is getting installed, it is recommended that you do not perform any background activities on your mobile device.

c) Enter the Correct Login Details

Many users commit the mistake of entering the wrong login credentials when prompted. Chances are that you have made the same mistake.

In order to rectify it, it is recommended that you enter the correct orbi login credentials the next time you log in to your Netgear Orbi router. If you are not sure about the admin details, consider referring to the user manual.

c) Avoid WiFi Interference

WiFi interference can also stop you from activating the Netgear Armor subscription. Therefore, if you have placed your Orbi router near cordless phones, washing machines, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, mirrors, fish tanks, treadmills, televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens, aluminium studs, etc. – change its location right away.

Moreover, do not place your Netgear Orbi router in corners or near thick concrete walls.

d) Perform Orbi Firmware Update

Last, but not least, make sure that your Netgear Orbi router is running on its updated firmware version. If your device’s firmware update is pending, follow the instructions mentioned below to execute the process:

  • Turn on your mobile device. Make sure that it is completely charged.
  • Launch the Netgear Orbi app.
  • Enter the required details and tap the Sign In button.
  • A dashboard will welcome you.
  • In the top-left corner, tap Menu.
  • Select the Settings option and click Router Settings.
  • Tap ‘Check for Updates’.
  • If you see any firmware update pending, follow the on-screen prompts to get it on your Orbi.

Once you are done following these troubleshooting hacks, try to activate the Netgear Armor subscription. Still didn’t get any luck? Well, in that case, reach out to our well versed technical experts.