Fixed: Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL Error Code Issue

Fixed: Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL Error Code Issue

Most of the Orbi Issues can be fixed. All the devices merely need a change in location or replacement of cables. But, what if you can’t fix your Orbi in any manner? Users of Orbi have posed several questions on the forums or communities, these days, asking about how to fix the Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL issue. Fortunately, if you also own an Orbi and are bothered by the same problem, we’ve got your back.

When using some Orbi features through the app, users have reported that they are getting the Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL error code instead of accessing the features.

Especially users who tried to view the list of devices connected to their Orbi receive the Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL error message. In addition, the identical problem appears when users try to use parental controls.

If you are messed up with the issue at hand, then check the troubleshooting tips given below and find out how to fix the Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL issue.

Here’s How to Fix Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL Error?

You can put some tricks into practice to get rid of the problem once and for all. However, we advise that you reboot your Orbi first to get things going.

Restart Your Devices

Before taking any further action, restart your Orbi and the smartphone on which the Orbi app exists. A technical issue may be muddling with the hardware or software of your devices and resulting in the Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL error code issue.

Turn off both your devices and then turn them back on. This will probably be useful in resolving the CDIL-API-FAIL problem.

Get Firmware Update

Try updating your Orbi’s firmware if rebooting hasn’t worked for you. You can be stuck with the current problem as a result of using outdated firmware.

This is to let you know that Orbi frequently offers firmware upgrades for a variety of its router and satellite models. These updates are useful for bringing security updates to your device and fixing a variety of issues. So, browse the orbilogin web address and see whether there’s any new firmware available for the model you own. If you discover that new firmware is available, upgrade it as soon as possible.

Remove and Install the Orbi app Again

The Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL error code may also appear if the app being utilized isn’t operating properly.

You must remove the Orbi app from your device in order to resolve the problem. When you have finished removing the app, go to the App store on your device and look for the Orbi app.

Once you’ve discovered it, just get the most recent app version downloaded. Now, try to access the features you were unable to toggle on.

Perhaps you won’t experience the same problem this time! If parental controls are still unavailable and you are unable to see the list of connected devices to your Orbi, head toward the next troubleshooting step.

Get in Touch with your ISP

An internet outage may also be the root cause of the Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL problem. To find out if there is a local internet outage, contact your Internet Service Provider.

Additionally, make sure that your smartphone is not activated with both WiFi and mobile data. You should be aware that turning on both internet sources at once will sabotage your connection and perhaps result in an issue similar to the one you are currently facing.

Switch Devices

Try landing on the settings of your Orbi using a different device if you’ve tried everything to fix the CDIL-API-FAIL issue but are still having trouble.

You might not be able to use all of your device’s functionality because of a device-specific issue. Before switching to a new device, make sure it is virus-free and has the most recent Orbi app installed.

To Sum Up

This marks the conclusion of our troubleshooting guide on how to fix the Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL error code issue. You should be able to overcome the issue and gain access to all of your Orbi’s features with the use of the aforementioned hacks.

If despite your best efforts, you are still unable to solve the problem, we advise you to contact one of our knowledgeable specialists and ask to fix the issue.