How to Manage Orbi RBR750 Mesh WiFi System Network?

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Orbi RBR750 Mesh WiFi system is taking the WiFi industry by storm. Offering dedicated high-speed internet, it is a surefire way to extend the WiFi signals of your existing device throughout your home. But, if you don’t want to experience any glitch within the working of your Mesh WiFi system, it is advised to secure its network. This guide explains each and everything on how you can manage the network security of your Orbi RBR750 Mesh WiFi system. Here we go.

Steps to Manage and Secure Orbi RBR750 Mesh Network

Managing the network of an Orbi is simple. All you need to do is tweak some settings of your device and you are good to go. Walk through the steps below and know what steps should be taken by you to manage and secure the network of your Orbi RBR750 Mesh WiFi system.

(1) Update the Firmware of Router and Satellite

Access the web interface of your Orbi and check if any new firmware is available for your Orbi RBR750. If yes, get it updated right away. To avoid any issues, make sure not to interrupt the firmware update process. Also, it is recommended to update the firmware on your Orbi Satellite before updating it on your router.

(2) Change the Default Password

You can add an extra layer of security to your Orbi by changing its default password. This also helps you secure your Orbi RBR750 network. Once you are done with completing the Orbi setup process, log in to your router and select Advanced > Administration > Set Password. You will be asked to type your old password and then the new password. Hitting the Apply option will save all the settings made by you.

(3) Enable Admin Password Reset

We, after all, are humans and forget things, especially passwords. Well, this is where this point has come up to save you. Just in case you forget the password set by you for logging in to your Orbi RBR750 Mesh WiFi system, this feature will help you recover it. So, enable it right away! For this, you need to access the Set Password page and enable the check box saying ‘Enable Password Reset’. As soon as you select it, you will be asked to answer two security questions. Answer the questions and hit Apply to make the changes effective.

(4) Monitor Orbi’s Status and Usage

Securing your Orbi also demands to you to keep an eye on the status and usage of your device from time to time. Just in case any unauthorized access is seen while checking the status of your device, you can block it immediately. Also, having a tab on the router usage will help you get the best out of your device. For instance, if you feel your router is not giving the desired results, you can disable access to devices that are not in use but still eating up some of your data bandwidth. Best of all, if you are looking to know how to improve Orbi WiFi speed, considering this feature will be of some help.

(5) Create Guest Network

Last but not least, if you are favorite among your guests and everyone loves to visit you on weekends then make sure you create a guest network for them, in case they demand WiFi access. Doing so will not only save you from sharing your WiFi network details with every other person but also protect your WiFi from getting hampered with malicious content.

These all are the ways that can help you manage and secure your Orbi RBR750 Mesh WiFi system network without any hassle. Just in case you need any more assistance about knowing how to manage and secure an Orbi WiFi network, feel free to reach out to our technical experts for quick assistance.