Key Steps to Perform Orbi RBK50 Firmware Update

Key Steps to Perform Orbi RBK50 Firmware Update

Orbi RBK50 has a router and a satellite. Therefore, if you want to update its firmware, you should get to know where to start. You can’t just simply start with the router. It will lead to complications. Therefore, we have a guide to help you get through the Orbi RBK50 firmware update. You will get to know the right procedure so that you don’t have to fight different complexes.

Let’s first help you get through the manual method for the Orbi RBK50 firmware update. Following it, you will walk through the automatic firmware update process. Keep reading for a seamless process.

Orbi RBK50 Firmware Update: Different Methods

1. Manual Firmware Update

Download Latest Firmware

To save time, you should download the latest firmware version for your device. To get that, you should enter the model number of your router. We always suggest users download the latest firmware model from the official source only.

Never trust third-party websites because these run risks of viruses and malware. Hence, the downloaded file might corrupt your system and Orbi router.

Save it

Once you have access to the latest firmware version, download it. If asked, you have to choose the right location to save the file. Why? Well, choosing a complex location won’t serve you when you have to upload it. That is why you should always go with the simplest location to save the file.

For further ease, you should rename the file so that you can readily acknowledge it while uploading. Otherwise, you might have to get through the whole system to look and select the updated firmware version.

Access Default URL

To update Orbi RBK50 firmware, you need to access its default URL. For that, you should open a web browser. Hence, turn on a PC or laptop and enter Furthermore, there should not be even a single mistake in the default URL.

Once you are done, hit the Enter key. It redirects you to the official Orbi RBK50 login page. Hence, you are just one step away from the setup wizard.

Do Login

To access the router dashboard, you should have router credentials at your disposal. In case you have updated the login credentials, use them instead of the default ones. To further negate errors, you should turn off the Caps Lock key.

After typing in the details, click the Log In button. You get access to the router’s dashboard.

Access Firmware Update Option

Move to the satellite’s Firmware Update option and choose browse. It will help you locate the Orbi RBK50 firmware version that you downloaded in the beginning. Hence, choose the right file and hit Upload. Wait until the file uploads.

That is going to update Orbi RBK50 firmware on your Orbi router. To update the satellite firmware, you will have to follow the same methods. Besides choosing the router, update the firmware of your satellite.

TIP: Make sure you download the firmware version for the Orbi satellite differently. Don’t use the router’s firmware file.

2. Automatic Update

The automatic firmware update does not require you to download anything. Rather, you can simply turn on the auto-update function of your device to ensure the firmware stays updated. Let us roll further to get down with the Orbi RBK50 firmware update.

  • Start with accessing the default Orbi RBK50 web address.
  • Make sure the URL entered has no errors or typing mistakes.
  • After the router login page opens, get ready with the login details.
  • Type the user ID and passphrase in the dedicated spaces.
  • Click Log In to get past the login page.
  • On the router dashboard, move to the firmware update option.
  • Click the Check button to see if there are any updates available.
  • If there are, go for Update all.
  • Wait until the Orbi RBK50 firmware update process finishes.


As you can see, the Orbi RBK50 firmware update is easy. You just need to know which the first step to get started is. We hope the above-given steps have helped you get through the whole process pretty easy. In case you are confused and don’t know how to mend the situation, feel free to contact our tech experts.

They will help you resolve the issue you are facing with the firmware update. After that, you get to experience a fast internet connection throughout your house.