Netgear Orbi App Not Working? Let’s Get That Fixed!


Netgear Orbi app is used to manage your Orbi WiFi mesh system. Whether you are at your home or out of the home, accessing the management console to control and manage the Orbi settings always remains at your tips with the Orbi app. But what if it begins giving you trouble? Yes! You might run into some issues with your Orbi app. And you reading this blog can be an indication of the same thing that you are facing Orbi app not working issue right now. But we can help, which means you landed on the right post. In this blog, you are going to find the topmost trusted solutions that worked well for many Orbi users. Without any further delay let us help you fix your Orbi app right away.

Troubleshooting Orbi App Not Working Issue

Reboot your Phone

First things first, there is a possibility that your phone has become a victim of some technical malfunctions due to which the Orbi app is unresponsive. Perhaps your phone needs some rest as you have been using it way too much.

Thus consider power cycling or rebooting your phone right away. You got to press and hold the phone’s power button for some time. After the phone is powered off, you need to wait for a couple of minutes to turn it back on. The instant your smartphone is powered up again, try launching the Orbi app. If you still experience the Orbi app not working issue, then try the other hacks mentioned in this guide.

Update Orbi App

Maybe you haven’t updated your Orbi app for a long time and it is still running on some older version. This might be the reason behind it not working or crashing. So, the next step to get the Orbi app not working issue is to update your Orbi app. For this, you need to head toward Play Store or App Store and check if any updates are available to be installed. If there are then get the app updated right away. Has this fixed the issue?

Clear Cache

You have tried rebooting the phone and updating the app, now let us get to clear the cache in your phone. Perhaps due to excessive usage, it is clogged up. Get to the settings and clear the cache and junk files from it.

Update OS

Clearing the cache didn’t work? Consider updating the OS of your phone. An older version of the operating system on your smartphone can also prevent you from accessing certain apps on it. A possible fix is to update the OS. Right after the phone’s OS is updated to its most recent version, try loading the Orbi app on it. The Orbi app not working issue should be fixed by now. However, if it still is adamant to leave your side then don’t worry; we still have some more hacks to fix it.

Reinstall Orbi App

Now you need to delete the app and reinstall it. This hack worked for plenty of users. So, simply delete it and then get to the Play Store or App Store and download and install it. If this also doesn’t get the issue fixed, then it is now time to fix the Orbi system. Maybe we are working on fixing the app but the actual reason behind the issue is the Orbi itself.

Power Cycle Orbi System

Perhaps it is the Orbi WiFi mesh system that is the possible culprit. Orbi too is prone to technical glitches. Try resolving them by restarting the Orbi. Power it off and again power it on after waiting for a while. Has the Orbi app not working issue gone forever?

Update Firmware

Looks like the firmware on your Orbi system is not updated. Why don’t you give the firmware update a shot to fix the Orbi app issue? Well if you ask that the Orbi app is not working how can you update the firmware on it? We got this covered. You need to access the Orbi login page on your PC and get the firmware installed. That’s it.

We are very hopeful that the troubleshooting hacks provided above have been able to help you. On the other chance, if the Orbi app not working issue is still giving you pain in the neck, or you want to know how to update firmware on Orbi, then get in touch with our expert team. They will definitely be able to help you out.