Orbi Anywhere Access Not Working? Let Us Help You Fix It!


An Orbi mesh WiFi system arrives with a bundle of features when it comes to customizing the user’s internet experience. The Anywhere Access feature is one such amazing feature that allows the user to manage his/her home network via the Orbi app from any corner of the country. In other words, the user can manage the router remotely or at home using a VPN. But, at times, users complain about facing Orbi Anywhere Access not working issue on the application.

Considering you are reading this post, it is assumed that you’re also facing issues with the remote management of the Orbi router. There might be plenty of reasons due to which the Anywhere Access feature on the Orbi app is not letting you have a tab on any activity related to the router. But, don’t worry! This blog highlights all the possibilities that might have dragged your Orbi to such an extent. Along with this, you’ll also learn some troubleshooting techniques which will help you do away with the issue like it never existed.

But, before you allow yourself to swim in the ocean of troubleshooting techniques, learn how to enable Anywhere Access on the Orbi router. Perhaps, you did not follow the correct steps while enabling it. However, you must be accessing the Orbi network locally to enable remote management [Anywhere Access] on the router.

How to Enable Orbi Anywhere Access?

Give a shot at the steps given below and learn how to enable the Anywhere Access feature on the Orbi router to manage it remotely thereafter. Remember to keep the Netgear Orbi login details by your side. You’ll need them to log in to your wireless router.

  • Ensure that your WiFi router is powered up and connected properly to the modem.
  • Now, launch the Orbi mobile application on the mobile accessing the router’s network.
  • Fill in the login info of your WiFi router and tap Sign In.
  • Tap Menu > Settings > Anywhere Access.
  • You will now cross paths with the Anywhere Access window.
  • Toggle the slider button adjacent to the Enable Anywhere Access option to the ON position.

In case you come across an error message saying “There was a problem enabling Anywhere Access” and are prompted to try again, then consider installing the latest version of the firmware on your Orbi WiFi devices. Doing so will help you enable the Anywhere Access feature on your router. To check whether the feature is working or not, try to manage your router via mobile data or a network that does not belong to your Orbi. Just in case the Orbi Anywhere Access not working problem persists even after following the correct guidelines, you should consider walking through the next section to learn the reasons behind its non-working status.

Why is Orbi Anywhere Access Not Working?

Walk through the points mentioned below and learn why the remote management feature of the router has decided to put you in turmoil:

  • Your Orbi needs a reboot.
  • The mobile phone you are using to manage the router remotely is running in power-saving mode.
  • There’s a malware attack on your home network.
  • You might not have updated the Orbi mobile app for a long time.
  • The Orbi Anywhere Access not working issue might also trouble you if the software of the mobile phone is outdated.

So, these were the reasons why you are unable to make the most of your Netgear Orbi router remotely. With the understanding that you’ve read them properly, let’s move to the troubleshooting section. Just in case you need personalized assistance with the troubleshooting procedure, you can get in touch with our team.

Fix: Orbi Anywhere Access Not Working

i) Restart the Orbi

Your Orbi might not be allowing the Anywhere Access feature to work due to technical glitches. Therefore, without wasting much time, give a fresh start to your Orbi. It can be done by keeping it powered down for a couple of minutes.

ii) Disable the Power Saving Mode

Certain apps won’t run properly when the Power saving mode is enabled on your mobile phone. Therefore, disable it to fix the issue at hand. However, if your mobile is running out of battery, consider charging it.

iii) Scan for Viruses

Run a virus scan on your mobile using an antivirus app. In case any infected file is found, delete it. Also, turn off Bluetooth on your mobile phone. It can be a portal for a Bluebugging attack.

iv) Update the Orbi App

Be an active man and navigate to the app store of your mobile phone. After reaching there, check if the Orbi mobile app requires an update. If yes, then install the newest version. Now, check if Orbi Anywhere Access not working issue has stopped stalking you.

v) Upgrade Your Mobile Phone

Perhaps, not the Orbi application but the mobile phone you are using to manage the router remotely [not via the router’s local network] is outdated. Therefore, upgrade your mobile phone to the latest OS version.

The Conclusion

The Orbi Anywhere Access not working issue has been found troubling millions of Netgear users. With the aim of fixing it, this blog was written. We are now expecting that after trying the hacks listed above, you won’t face problems with the router’s remote management. In case you do, our experts have always got your back. Contact them at any hour of the day to get instant solutions.