Orbi Connected But No Internet? Let’s Fix!

Orbi Connected But No Internet? Let's Fix!

Many Orbi users approached our tech support experts to get a fix of the problem ‘Orbi connected but no internet’. If you are also encountering the same issue, then this blog wraps up various troubleshooting tips right from the table of our experts to help you get rid of the problem in a snap.

To fix the Orbi connectivity problem, however, you first need to understand why you are facing Orbi connected but no internet issue. So, let’s get started!

Causes of Orbi Connected But No Internet Issue

You may be saying that your Orbi is connected to WiFi but still there is no internet only after seeing a yellow-colored warning triangle with a black-colored exclamation mark on your Windows machine or a black exclamation sign on the apparatus of your smartphone. Is that so? Whenever you find any of such signs, it means that your Orbi is connected to your WiFi network but something is not letting you use the internet. Well, let’s find out what these reasons could be:

  • You are not having enough internet data or simply forgot to turn on your data access.
  • There is some fault from the end of your ISP.
  • A wrong online protocol address has been assigned to your device.
  • Your DNS server settings are incorrect or the DNS cache got corrupted.
  • Your system’s WiFi drivers are outdated.

Steps to Fix Orbi Connected But No Internet Issue

Since there could be various possible reasons for getting the Orbi connectivity issue, certain fixes are also available. Below we have outlined a few troubleshooting steps which you can try to fix Orbi connected but no internet issue for getting your internet back to track.

1. Check Your Internet

Before trying anything else, first ensure if your internet is turned on. Also, if you are trying to access the internet on a smartphone, make sure the mobile data is disabled. Because enabling both mobile data and Orbi WiFi data at the same time can create problems for you.

Apart from that, have a nudge on your data package and confirm whether you have sufficient data available to access the internet on the devices connected to Orbi via orbilogin.

2. Contact Your ISP

Next, you can contact your ISP to know if there is any service disruption from that side. If so, you need to wait till the time your Internet Service Provider fixes it for you.

3. Check for IP Conflict

IP conflict occurs when two or more WiFi devices have been assigned with the same IP address. In such a case, you will not be able to access the internet on any of your devices. So, check if the IP address used for your devices is the same or different.

You need to check the IP conflict for both your Orbi router and Orbi Satellite. Perhaps, your Orbi Satellite not connecting to the router due to IP conflict, which results in Orbi being connected but having no internet problem.

4. Change DNS Server Address

Sometimes, the DNS cache got corrupted. This can happen due to technical glitches or the insertion of unauthorized domain names by third-party applications. If that’s the case, you will not be able to connect to the internet due to the mismatch of IP addresses. For getting the issue fixes, simply flush the DNS cache or change the DNS server address.

5. Update Network Drivers

At times, outdated network drivers can also prevent you from accessing the internet on your device. To get rid of the issue, update network drivers on your system and see if it works for you when it comes to fixing Orbi connected but no internet issue.


Did nothing work? We completely understand that WiFi connected but no internet issue is most frustrating. Why not you try a reboot? Simply unplug your Orbi router and Satellite from their respective power outlets, allow them to sit without power for some time, and connect them back. Probably, this time you get success.

Final Thoughts

That’s all about how to fix Orbi connected but no internet issue. If you still find yourself failing to get access to the internet via Orbi WiFi network, consider contacting our team of experts for helping you resolve the issue in an immediate manner.