Orbi Factory Reset

Performing Netgear Orbi factory reset is the ultimate hack to handle all the major and minor problems related to the Orbi router. No matter whether your Orbi is not connecting to the modem or has bricked after the installation of a new firmware, just reset Orbi and the issue will be resolved once and forever. However, many users out there are unfamiliar with the process of resetting the Netgear Orbi router. If you are also looking to factory reset Orbi, then this page will assist you with the whole nine yards of the process. Stick to reading.

How to Factory Reset Orbi?

Orbi factory reset process can be done in three simple steps. However, you should know that this action will take your Orbi to the default factory settings. It means the preset configuration that came at the time of purchase thereby forcing you to initiate the Orbi setup process from scratch. That is why we advise you back up the router’s settings so that you can restore them as soon as the router resets. To know about the backup and restore procedure of your Orbi router’s settings, you can get in touch with our experts at any hour of the day. But now, let’s focus on the steps to factory reset Orbi.

Power Up Your Orbi

Kick-start the Orbi factory reset process by powering up your router. A wall socket offering an adequate power supply will assist you for that. However, you need to ensure that your Orbi is properly connected to the wall socket.

Locate the Reset Button

Right after powering up the Orbi, you’ll notice that its LED lights have started glowing. It is a sign that your Orbi is ready to take you to the next step of the Orbi factory reset procedure. Prior to that, consider disconnecting your Orbi from the modem and satellites. Now, you can start your search for the Reset button. The button is generally located on the rear panel of the Orbi device. However, its location varies with respect to the Orbi model you own.

Note: While you factory reset Orbi, your router is not supposed to share a connection with any device present in the home network.

Push the Reset Button

Have you found the Reset button? That’s great! Do you know what to do next? No? Just push the button to factory reset Orbi. Yes, you read it right. As soon as the button is pressed, your Orbi will start losing its customized settings and all the issues you were facing with it will bid adieu. In other words, it will become brand new again.

In this manner, you can perform Orbi factory reset. Now, the reconfiguration of the router can be done. But, what’s that? Are you stuck with the Netgear Orbi reset process? Worry not! The next section consists of a few hacks right from the table of our professionals that will help you achieve success with the reset process.

Can’t Do Orbi Factory Reset?

Check the Power Socket

You can’t factory reset Orbi if the router is not getting a proper power supply from the wall outlet. Perhaps, you did not pay heed to the condition of the wall socket before powering up your Orbi despite the precaution given by us.

Well, you can still rectify the mistake. See whether the socket is in a working state or not. In case it is not, then we suggest you get the socket fixed or take the help of another wall outlet for powering up the Orbi router. Also, ensure that there are no sudden power outages in your area.

Press the Button Carefully

Orbi factory reset seems to be a delicate process. That is why some users in hurry don’t press the Reset button carefully and fail to factory reset Orbi. It looks like you’ve boarded the same train. Thus, make sure that you’ve pressed the button carefully. Else, you’ll keep facing problems with your Orbi.

Mind the Orbi’s Location

Numerous Orbi-related operations are halted due to the improper location of the router. Chances are that the Orbi factory reset is not happening due to the same reason. Therefore, we suggest you change the location of your Orbi prior to the reset process. Ensure that you’re not placing it in a dirty and congested room. Also, verify that you’ve kept it away from devices emitting electromagnetic waves.

Still Can’t Reset Orbi?

After following the above-discussed instructions and troubleshooting tips, performing Orbi factory reset will become like counting 1-10 for you. However, if you are still unable to factory reset Orbi, contact our experts. They’ll surely help you out.