Orbi Network Map Not Showing Satellites? Let’s Fix!

Orbi Network Map Not Showing Satellites

Orbi Network Map makes it easier for users to check the status of their internet connection and Orbi Satellites in no time via the Orbi app. But, what if the feature itself runs into issues? This is where we have come up with this post. Here, we are going to give you various solutions to the problem ‘why Orbi Network Map not showing Satellites’ to its users.

Here’s How to Access Orbi Network Map

Before we start with the hacks to fix the Orbi Network Map not showing Satellites issue, let’s first give you a nudge about the process to access the feature and how it works. Perhaps, you are getting the issue at hand due to the use of improper steps.

Orbi Netgear Map feature can be accessed simply by accessing the Orbi app and then tapping on the Orbi image on the dashboard. Users having Android and iOS can find variations in the results shown by the image.

Certain lights will reveal on your device’s screen with the tap on the image. Here they are:

  • Solid Line – This show the status of the Ethernet Connection
  • Dashed line – Check this one for knowing the WiFi Connection
  • Green Dot – This color can be found on your device if your devices are properly connected
  • Amber Dot – The color signifies to a user that the connection between the devices is poor
  • Red Dot – This will reveal on Android(s) when devices are not connected
  • Magenta Dot – The color will appear on the iOS devices and in a situation when no connection has been established between the Orbi router and Satellites

Now, as you know how to access the Orbi Network Map and what the meaning of various colors appearing on the screen of your device with the activation of the feature is, let’s proceed further and explain what to do if Netgear Orbi Network Map not showing Satellites.

Fixed: Orbi Network Map Not Showing Satellites

There could be various reasons why you can’t see the connection of Satellites on the Orbi Network Map. Well, there is no need to worry about the same. Check the troubleshooting hacks listed below and get the issue fixed in a matter of minutes.

1. Power Cycle Your Device and Orbi

There is a chance that your device or Orbi got some technical glitch and that is why not showing the connection of Satellites. To get the problem fixed, you can simply reboot your smartphone as well as Orbi. This can be done by turning them off for some time.

2. Close and Re-launch the Orbi App

Same as your device, glitches can be with the Orbi app as well. So, we recommend you close the app and then re-launch it. Once done, access the Orbi Network Map feature and check if you can see the connection of Satellites or not.

3. Update the Orbi App

Another issue that can make you experience Orbi Network Map not showing Satellites issue is the use of an outdated app. In such a situation, you can head towards the settings of your smartphone and update the Orbi app to its latest version.

4. Clear App Cache

Have you tried the above tips but still found no success? It seems the App cache is the culprit. We suggest you clear the cache stored on your App and give it a new start.

5. Uninstall and Re-install the App

If the app is partially installed or got corrupted then also you will not be able to see the connection of Orbi Satellites on the Orbi Network Map. The problem can be resolved by uninstalling the app and then installing it back.

6. Check Router-Satellite Connection

Have you connected your router and Satellite using an Ethernet cable? If yes, then make sure that the cable has no cuts. On the other hand, if the wireless connection has been established between both the devices, check the LEDs status and if needed change the position of your Orbi router or Satellite.

Let’s Wrap Up!

These all are the ways you can try to fix the Orbi Network Map not showing Satellites issue. If things are still not bringing you success and you can’t see the status of Satellites, we suggest you get in touch with our technical experts and ask them to fix the issue for you.