Solved: Orbi Speed Test Not Working

Orbi Speed Test

Do you feel you are not getting the internet speed on your Orbi as promised by your Internet Service Provider? Worry not! By running a speed test on your device, you can check whether everything is OK or not when it comes to getting the speedier internet. But, what if the Orbi speed test not working? Well, if that is the case, you have landed on the right post. Here we’ve explained every possible reason why you may get into the problem of the Orbi speed test not working issue.

Before we start making you aware of the steps how to fix the Orbi speed test not working issue, let’s give you some important tips.

  • You are suggested to temporarily disable the apps like firewall and antivirus installed on your PC.
  • If you are using proxy software while using your system, consider disabling it as well for getting the perfect results when it comes to the speed of your internet.
  • Ensure that no downloads are being initiated on your system while you are trying to test the speed of your Orbi by running a speed test.

Now, let’s give you an overview of the tips on how you can get rid of the Orbi speed test not working issue.

Steps to Fix Orbi Speed Test Not Working

Orbi speed test issue has been mostly reported by users who are using the Orbi app to get the process done. You may get stuck with the problem if an outdated version of the app is installed on your smartphone. Therefore, to get the issue fixed, follow the steps below:

  • Uninstall the Orbi app installed on your device.
  • Delete junk from your smartphone by running a cleaning app.
  • You are advised to reboot your phone before proceeding further.
  • Now, by accessing the store that is compatible with the OS of your device, again download the Orbi app.
  • Make sure this time you download the updated version of the app on your smartphone.
  • Once the app has successfully been installed on your device, try accessing the graphical user interface of it.
  • For this, however, you need to log in to your Orbi by accessing the orbilogin page.
  • Once you are on the dashboard of your Orbi, navigate to the settings section and search for the Orbi speed test option.
  • Selecting it will run the Orbi speed test on your device. Just in case you still are getting the same problem and the Orbi speed test not working for you, chances are your Orbi router is not configured in a proper manner.
  • To do away with the problem, all you can do is reset your Orbi back to the default settings. Once done, configure the device again and see if it fixes the issue you are struggling for a long time back.

Another way you can try to fix the Orbi speed test not working issue is to update the firmware on your Orbi. It has been noticed that the use of outdated firmware can also stop you from getting success with the Orbi speed test process.

So, update the firmware of your Orbi by accessing the login page of your router. However, bear in mind, you update the firmware of Orbi as per its model number. Because updating the wrong firmware version can make your Orbi nonperforming.

That’s all you can do to fix the Orbi speed test not working issue. Still out of luck! Oh! Well, your Orbi needs a health checkup. For this, you can get in touch with our technical support executives and ask them to help you fix your Orbi speed test not working issue.