Solved! Why is Orbi Blinking White?


Is your Orbi blinking white? Can’t you stream your favorite videos using Orbi? Well, let’s help you fix the issue in a matter of minutes. This troubleshooting guide will help you make your Orbi up and running so that you can enjoy seamless internet. Let’s get started!

An Orbi flaunts various lights for different functionalities. Where amber light shows that the connection between your Orbi and satellite is not good, the magenta light defines that your Orbi satellite has been failed to sync with your Orbi router. The same is the case with white light on Orbi. If your Orbi is showing solid white, it means you are all set to sync the Orbi satellite with the Orbi router and if you see the pulsing white light on your Orbi, you need to wait for a while as your Orbi satellite is booting.

What if your Orbi keeps blinking white? Well, that’s where the problem begins! To get rid of the Orbi blinking white issue, walk through the steps below.

Troubleshoot Orbi Blinking White Issue

Orbi blinking white issue can occur either after performing Orbi reset or updating its firmware version. No matter why you are getting the issue, the tips right from the desk of technical experts will help you fix the problem in a jiffy.

Reboot Your Orbi
You may find the trick simple, but it works in most cases. Simply unplug your Orbi from its power socket and plug it back in after some time. Give the device a fresh start and see if the Orbi blinking white issue has been fixed for you.

Check the Firmware Version
If you are getting the problem just after updating the firmware on your Orbi, then check whether you have updated the right firmware version. Updating the wrong firmware version can also get you into the mess of Orbi blinking white issue. You are suggested to update the firmware of your Orbi keeping your model number in mind.

If you find the availability of a wrong firmware version is creating all the issues, get in touch with our technical experts to fix the issue for you.

Check the Cable Connections
Your Orbi might be blinking white if there is some issue with the wired connections. So, check if all your devices, including the Orbi router and satellite, are properly connected. Also, cross-check whether your Orbi is installed into a power outlet that is supplying sufficient power supply.

Reconfigure Your Orbi
Yes, you read it right! Partial installation of your Orbi can also be one of the reasons behind getting Orbi blinking white issue. To get the issue fixed, reset your Orbi to the default settings and then reconfigure it by accessing the orbilogin page. If you are not aware of the complete installation steps to reconfigure your Orbi, here’s how to it.

Steps to Reconfigure Your Orbi

Before you start the process, install the Orbi app on your device.

  • Launch the app now.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Make sure you use the default login credentials.
  • Once done with filling in the admin details, tap the Sign In option.
  • You will be taken to the dashboard of your Orbi.
  • Now, hover to the Menu icon and select the Orbi setup option.
  • Complete the reconfiguration of your Orbi by following the on-screen instructions.

That’s it!

This is how you can reconfigure your Orbi and get rid of the Orbi blinking white issue. Just in case you still are facing the same problem, we suggest you approach our technicians without any further delay.