Steps To Setup A CBK40 Orbi Cable Router And Satellite

Steps To Setup A CBK40 Orbi Cable Router And Satellite

You can easily set up a CBK40 Orbi cable router and satellite on a home WiFi network with the help of the computer, laptop, or a smartphone. The foremost requirements are ISP (Internet Service Provider) details and an app for Orbi router that should be installed on a smartphone.

If you wish to go through the detailed CBK40 Orbi Cable Router setup steps, read the guidelines given below.

There are two (2) ways to set up a Netgear Orbi router. You can either do it via Orbi application or via computer, laptop or mobile device.

If you want to activate and setup via Netgear Orbi application then:

  • Go to App Store or Google Play Store from iOS or Android devices respectively.

  • Download the Orbi application.

  • Follow on-screen instructions to activate the Orbi router and satellite.

Note: In case you face issues while following the on-screen instructions, then please contact our technicians.

How to setup Orbi Cable router and satellite

  1. In the first place, you have to get information about your ISP (internet service provider). The details include phone number, account, username, and password.

  2. Disconnect your existing modem and router in case you are going to use a new modem router on the same home WiFi network. Plug them back again after a few minutes.

  3. Grab a coaxial cable to connect your WiFi router to the power socket.

  4. After that, connect the power adapter to your Orbi router and then plug one end of it to the electric power source.

  5. Wait for a couple of minutes. The power LED on your device will become solid blue.

  6. After that, wait for the online LED on the front panel of your device to turn blue. This process can take 5-10 minutes.

What’s Next?

  • Now, connect your Netgear Orbi WiFi router to a computer, laptop, or mobile device wirelessly or with the help of Ethernet cable.

Note: You can also use an Ethernet cable to connect your router to the computer or laptop.

  • Use login credentials (WiFi provided username and password) to connect the router to your wireless internet. Click on ‘Connect’ once done.

  • Login to your router page.

  • Change the administrator password as well. It is recommended to create a strong password and to secure the router online also.

  • Open a web browser.

  • Enter or IP address of your device in the URL field of the internet/web browser.

  • Now, for login – enter ‘username and password into the provided fields (when prompt).

  • Open ‘Advanced’ page.

  • Go to ‘Change password’.

  • Enter the ‘security questions’ as well.

And that’s it. You are done.

What is a Coaxial cable?

It is a type of copper cable that is specially built with a metal shield and other components engineered to block unknown WiFi signal interference. As a matter of fact, it is used by cable TV companies primarily in order to connect their satellite antenna facilities to customer homes, offices, and businesses.

Steps to Activate Internet Service

Please note this down: If you want to know more about ‘Activating the internet service’, you can tick on ‘Activate internet service with computer or mobile’ link.

Placement of your Orbi satellite.

  • Place your router within the range of your WiFi and turn it on after that. The Orbi satellite will synchronize with your cable modem router.

Wait for a few minutes till the sync gets finished successfully.

  • On the LED rings around – you will find the different color combination – soon after the sync process gets completed successfully. Note this down that different color LEDs might lit for a couple of minutes.

Now, from a computer, laptop or mobile device – activate the internet service.

In order to activate the internet services, the below-mentioned information might be in your hand and only after this, you can execute the self-activation process.

  • The Internet Service Provider (ISP) information.

  • Orbi Router model number i.e. CBR40.

  • The serial number of the cable modem.

  • MAC (Media Access Control Address) of your Orbi router and satellite.

Note: As a matter of fact, you can now visit the website of ISP and check all the instructions given over there. The entire steps that are linked with activating the service are clearly mentioned there.

To check the WiFi speed on your computer or laptop, please visit the speed test link provided by your ISP.

All the speed details like:

  • Uploading.

  • Downloading.

  • Browsing speed will appear on the screen.