The Most Common Questions Related to Orbi Wired Backhaul

Orbi Wired Backhaul

Thanks to the Orbi wired backhaul feature that makes it possible to automatically connect the Orbi satellite to your Orbi router or another Orbi satellite with the help of an Ethernet cable.

Every two or more connected Orbi units can transmit data with each other, which is faster and stable than WiFi. Once you enable the Orbi wired backhaul feature, the wireless backhaul will disconnect, leading to Orbi setup issues.

Usually, after the establishment of wired Orbi units with an Ethernet cable, the Orbi wired backhaul will take effect itself. Here are two typical wired backhaul connection structures:

  • Daisy chain network
  • Start network

Important Points About Orbi Wired Backhaul Setup

  • Please note that the Orbi WiFi router will act as a NAT router by default.
  • Try to perform Netgear Orbi set up and login on the same network, and first using a computer before you wired it up.
  • Please make sure there are no other DHCP servers or gateway behind the main Orbi router. Otherwise, it can impact other Orbi satellites. They might get an invalid IP address which does not allow them to have internet access.
  • If you have a gateway, access point, or switches on the network and find Orbi wired backhaul not working, please check the management IP address of your access point.
  • Never try to set up Orbi wired backhaul without upgrading the Orbi router firmware version. To know how to update the Orbi WiFi router, click here.

If you are facing Orbi setup issues, contact our experts.

Orbi Wired Backhaul Setup FAQs

Question: Can I connect all the Orbi mesh system units directly to my home router?

In router mode:

Only the main Orbi router unit can get connected to your home wired/wireless router. Other slaves Orbi router and Orbi satellite units should be connected behind the main Orbi router. If not, they may befall into a network loop and can cause network dropout or Orbi setup issues.
In access point mode:

You can connect your Orbi wireless router directly to your home’s router as per your needs. The Orbi WiFi system will work as expected without making you entangled in the fuss of Orbi setup issues.

Question: To use the Orbi wired backhaul feature, do I need to establish wired connection between all my Orbi satellite units?

No, you have to set up one for Orbi wireless backhaul, and the other one for Ethernet backhaul as per your requirements. For example, if you have three Orbi units and want to create a WiFi network in your living room and bedroom and even also in your office, which is a little far and not in reach, then you can put the main Orbi WiFi router and slave Orbi satellite 1 in the living room. As for slave Orbi satellite 2, you can place it in your office premises with the help of an Ethernet cable connected either to the main Orbi router or slave Orbi satellite unit. Wrong placement of the device can also lead you to orbi setup issues.

Here, in this scenario, the Orbi satellite 2 will work through Ethernet backhaul, while the Orbi satellite 1 will work through wireless backhaul.

Question: What can I do if the Orbi Ethernet backhaul not working well?

  • Visit the Netgear Orbi login web page, and check the Orbi configuration settings.
  • Try to use a different port on the Orbi router.
  • Try a different CAT5 Ethernet cable.

If the problem still persists, get in touch with our experts for instant solutions.