What Does Orbi Pink Light Mean? How to Resolve It?

Pink is a playful and nurturing color that everyone loves. But, you can’t love it when it is being flashed on your Orbi WiFi router. The reason being, it hinders the performance of your entire mesh WiFi system. All in all, we want to say that Orbi flashing the color pink is a beautiful looking dangerous issue that affects the efficiency of your entire home network as termite. Thus, you need to address the Orbi pink light before it takes the giant form and drags you to a major problem. Without further ado, consider giving a shot at the easy fixes mentioned in this post that will help you dispose of the issue with ease.

What Does Orbi Pink Light Mean?

Before entering the troubleshooting section, we want to make you aware of the message that your Orbi router wants to convey via the color pink. FYI, the pink color on your Orbi router is trying to reveal that the internet signal transmission between your satellite and router is weak. However, it has been reported that the source of the Orbi pink light issue is not the satellite but the router. Therefore, the hacks mentioned in this post are written in compliance with the Orbi router. Just in case you don’t want to get stuck with the monotonous troubleshooting process, you can straightforwardly contact our experts to eliminate the pink light issue in a matter of seconds. But, before everything else, consider giving a read to the next section and learn why your router conveys the message that the signal transmission is poor between Orbi devices i.e. it flashes pink color.

Why Does Orbi Pink Light Issue Occur?

  1. Like every other issue with the Orbi router, technical glitches play a pivotal role in dragging the router to an extent that it starts flashing pink.
  2. Unequal signal distribution by the Orbi WiFi router is another reason that might result in the issue that we are currently discussing.
  3. There might be improper signal supply from the end of your Internet Service Provider.
  4. The poor condition of the cables related to your Orbi mesh WiFi system is another factor that forces it to reveal the color pink instead of those indicating efficient performance.
  5. The outdated version of firmware a.k.a. the software of the WiFi router can also force you to face the Orbi pink light issue. In the worst scenario, it can become corrupted.
  6. If too much network congestion is there, then you can also find yourself struggling to get the beautiful-looking but dangerous pink light issue fixed.
  7. Improper installation of the Netgear Orbi mesh WiFi system is another factor that is not allowing your router and satellite to communicate and show the color pink.

So, these were the potential causes behind the issue that we are currently discussing. Now, it is time to get into action and start the troubleshooting process to get the issue fixed. Walk through the next segment to learn how. However, know that you might need to access the orbilogin page to implement some hacks. Thus, be ready to do so.

How to Fix Orbi Pink Light Issue?

1. First of all, power down your Orbi WiFi router, and let it stay inactive for a short while. Thereafter, turn on the power supply. Yes, what you just did was reboot. Now, check if your router is still flashing pink. If it is, the next hacks might help you out.

2. Consider placing your Orbi router in the central room of your house. This will allow the router to transmit signals evenly in all rooms thereby facilitating smooth router-satellite communication.

3. Speak with your ISP and verify if there is an internet problem from his side. If he agrees, then wait till he does his job. Thereafter, see if the Orbi pink light issue has been resolved or not.

4. Verify all the cables connected to your Orbi router. Be it an Ethernet cable or the power cable, it is supposed to be intact. Otherwise, your dream of getting a streamlined output from Orbi won’t be fulfilled no matter what you do.

5. Visit orbilogin.net and update the firmware of your mesh WiFi router to its latest version. It is suggested because the firmware controls how the hardware of your router will respond. Thus, there is a high possibility that it will help you fix the pink light issue.

6. Reduce the network congestion on your Orbi by reducing the number of devices accessing the WiFi of the router. However, in case there is an outsider accessing your WiFi, consider blocking him to fix the issue at hand.

7. Last but not least, opt for the re-installation of the entire mesh WiFi system if the pink light issue with your router is not ready to leave you alone.

In the Final Analysis

Resolving the Orbi pink light issue becomes a piece of cake if you are well aware of its meaning, reasons behind its occurrence, and techniques to deal with it. We hope that this post justified its title and served the purpose of making you free of the issue you were facing. However, if your luck has still not favored you, then you need a lucky charm. Do you know who your lucky charm is? The answer is our experts. Contact them at the time you wish and they’ll never leave you disappointed when it comes to fixing Orbi-related issues.