Where Should I Place My Orbi WiFi System?

Where Should I Place My Orbi WiFi System?

Orbi WiFi system is the choicest option if you want to enjoy high-speed internet in every corner of your home. Orbi WiFi system is efficient enough to cover every inch of your home with strong WiFi signals, however, for that you need to place your Orbi WiFi system at its ideal location. This guide covers step-by-step guidance on where should you place your Orbi to get the most out of it.

In-depth Guide to Place Your Orbi WiFi System

If you will be following the placement rules we are going to pen down below for Orbi WiFi system, you certainly will not be facing issues like WiFi signals dropping or orbi login not working. So, what are you waiting for? Try your hands on the tips below and take your internet-using experience to all new heights.

1. Avoid Physical Obstacles

While placing your Orbi WiFi system, you are advised to avoid physical obstacles. While you may find that some obstacles cannot be removed from the way of your Orbi WiFi system, but at least, you can work on changing the location of large appliances or cabinets. This way your WiFi system will get clear line of sight and you will get uninterrupted internet on your client devices.

2. Lookout for WiFi Interference

It is always a wise decision to place your Orbi WiFi system away from things or appliances emitting radio waves. To name a few, you can keep your Orbi away from Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, microwave ovens, refrigerators, cordless phones, WiFi cameras, etc.

3. Your Orbi Should be Off the Ground

If you will place your Orbi WiFi system on the ground, then your device will not be able to broadcast WiFi signals to the fullest. Thus, you are advised to place your Orbi WiFi system somewhere off the ground. For instance, you can place it on a tabletop or mount it midway a wall.

4. Avoid Reflexive Surfaces

You need to keep your Orbi WiFi system at least three feet away from reflexive surfaces like mirrors or glasses. Any such things in between the line of sight between the base station and client device can tend to have the most negative impact and degrade the WiFi signals. So, installing the Orbi WiFi system away from reflexive surfaces can bring difference to its overall performance.

5. Avoid Surrounding Your Orbi with Metal Appliances

Anything that reflects radiation is not good to be placed near your Orbi WiFi system. And, metal is the biggest culprit. Enclosing your Orbi with metal appliances will not help it spread its signals in the far areas of your home. Most, metal appliances can be found in a kitchen. So, at least, kitchen is not the best place for your Orbi WiFi system to live.

6. Choose a Central Location

We understand that it might be difficult for you to plug in your Orbi in the center of your home due to unavailability of sockets there, but if you can, then it is better to place your Orbi WiFi system somewhere in the center of your home. This will help your device to spread WiFi signals equally in all areas of your home. So, why think twice?

In a Nutshell

This is all about where you should place your Orbi WiFi system for enjoying lag-free internet in every nook and cranny of your home. If even after following the tips above, you can’t make the most of your Orbi, consider contacting our technical experts for more help. Upon request, they will fix all your Orbi-related issues in a matter of minutes.